Free cosmetics for Valentine’s Day in Fortnite – leaks

If you play Fortnite for a long time, you probably already know that holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas are a good reason for Epic Games to give some presents to the players. The developers are giving free cosmetics for almost 3 years already, and according to the leaks, they aren’t stopping any time soon.

We’ve already seen the leaked cosmetics for Valentine’s Day, but now there’s something better. According to data miners’ information, we’ll have a challenge pack for Valentine’s Day with 7 free rewards. But, as they also say, the only thing that refers to the challenge rewards is the missing “ItemShop” tag. This means that the outfits won’t appear in the game’s shop, but they also can appear somewhere else besides the challenges, so don’t get too excited.

Like a said, there will be 7 rewards – 2 banner icons, 2 graffities, a wrap, a pickaxe, and an emoticon.

Free cosmetics for Valentine's Day in Fortnite - leaks

This is a regular pack of rewards for a holiday challenge pack. There’s a regular pickaxe, a couple of nice banners that no one will probably use, and a wrap that will most likely be the most popular item from the whole Valentine’s Day bundle and other free Fortnite bundles.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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