Frenzy farm

Frenzy farm  Frenzy farm is a location related to the new areas of the Fortnite battle royale after the Season 1 Chapter 2 update. The farm is located at coordinates F3, 4; north of Lazy Lake and west of Salty springs.

The frenzy farm location on the new map resembles Fatal fields on the old. There are many differences: the location at the top of the map, the structure of the location, the hay in which you can hide, a water mill and beds with crops. But there are definitely similarities: here are fields where you can hide from persecution, a similar house in the center and agricultural vehicles.

At the Fatal Farm location you can find a sowing field, two silos, more than 10 buildings for various purposes and trees.

Loot at the location is enough, because it is dispersed in different parts of the area. Both the first and second landed squad will find themselves a decent amount of resources.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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