Sweaty sands

sands 300x300 - Sweaty sandsSweaty sands is a new Fortnite location added to the Battle Royale map in Season 1 Chapter 2. The area is located at the junction of coordinates B3, 4 – C3, 4; southwest of new Pleasant Park and north of Holly hedges.

If we compare the Sweaty Sands location with the territorial location of other areas on the old Fortnite island, then it seems to correspond to the lair of the villains.

My vacation was lost at the Sweaty sands location: a sandy beach, colorful sun loungers, tall palm trees, neat houses and a cozy SoFdees ice cream parlor. It seems that the style of this area is partly transferred from Paradise palms, since we can observe a similar, but shortened structure in the center. You can also find an RV park, which consists entirely of caravans, on the Sweaty sands location.

Within the coastal territory there are many chests and ammo boxes. And this is logical, because a sunny place should attract a large number of tourists. Let’s be one of them and take a look at the demonstration of Sweaty sands below.


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