Lazy Lake

Lazy Lake  Lazy Lake – is one of the new locations added in the season 1 chapter 2 update . It is in cell F6; northeast of Misty Meadows and west of Retail Row.

Lazy Lake location has some similarities in structure (arrangement of houses) with the Neo tilted. Undoubtedly, this is a unique location on the new map, but it, like the tilted, is the economic center of the island.

Lazy Lake region has the most popular shops and centers for fortniters: a spa, a car dealership, a fishing tackle shop. Nothing extra, and at the same time, incredibly exciting. On the outskirts are residential elite houses, which, unfortunately, are rich not in the amount of loot, but in their appearance. In the west and in the east the region is bordered by rivers that will help you overtake the enemy or follow into the zone.

Loot at Fortnite Lazy Lake location can be found in all stores, centers and homes. Usually, it is of good quality, but not much.


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