Gambit Toose and NaVi Putrick were banned from the qualifier of FNCS

Some days ago, on 1 March to be exact, two of the strongest CIS players, Gambit Toose and NaVi Putrick, were banned for two weeks.

The reason is that Toose (team member of Gambit) and Putrick (team member of Natus Vincere) left the game before enemies finished them. This is well seen on Toose’s clip:

How is writing Toose:

Here’s what Toose is saying:

Can someone explain how am i supposed not to ragequit when we die to a headshot snipe while driving with this frking loot? As you can see i totally didnt mean to stop the shakedown by leaving, it was an accidental ragequit

Is this some kind of “curse” of CIS? Or maybe just bad luck? Because the same happened with Kelfy -_-’s trio with AOS Vortexers, Siko Lzrxyxo. Anyways, the trio of Gambit Toose, NaVi Putrick and Znappy now can’t take part in the fight of FNCS grand final tournament, sadly.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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