Gas Flopper might come to Fortnite soon

If you’re tired of all those leaked cosmetics and new stuff, here’s something different for you – the Gas Flopper. “Why?” is the main question you might ask while reading, but, unfortunately, I most likely won’t answer this question. I will, however, answer some other questions, so don’t leave if you’re interested.

Gas Flopper might come to Fortnite soon

Gas Flopper concept

This unique fish is currently in development, but data miners already have the information about the fish and even its sound effects.

This fish’ effect is quite simple – it will leave a stinky trail after the user. The reason why the trail is stinky becomes obvious if you listen to the SFX or just read the name again.

We’ve already seen a stink bomb in Fortnite, so a stinky flopper isn’t really a new thing. However, I still really hope that it will never ever be added to the game.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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