How to buy Fortnite Save the World

How to buy Fortnite Save the World

PVE (PVE) company is a paid part of the Fortnite game as opposed to the battle royal. In this mode, you need to protect the base and fend off the waves of zombie. If you have not yet familiarized yourself with the content of the PVE mode, then we recommend reading the article on the Save the World initially, and then returning here to decide on what set of fortnite you will be purchasing.

Which set of PVE mode to buy

PVE Fortnite mode can be purchased in 2 different editions. We have prepared a table of differences between the standard version from Deluxe, so that you can get acquainted with the bonuses of each version.

Set contentsStandartDeluxe
Weapon pack-+
Exclusive Founder’s Pistol-+
Starter Hero Pack-+
Pinata Packs733
Vault Inventory Slots
In-Game Banner Icons410
Xp Boosts-10

At first glance it seems that for the second Deluxe version there are a lot of bonuses and it is worth buying it, but not everything is so simple. We will describe each bonus from the player playing more than a month in the PVE Fortnite. And you already decide which version you need.

Weapon pack – At first glance, this bonus seems to be significant, but any player in the pve mode will tell you that a similar drop is already on the third day of the game (or even the first day of the game). You will most likely just throw it away.

Exclusive Founder’s Pistol –  is valuable only as a collection copy, most likely you will not play with it.

Starter Hero Pack –  the only value of this bonus is that you will not have to play the first matches for the soldier class. Already in the first 3 days you somehow fall out all these classes of heroes.

Pinata Packs – the only relatively valuable reward that can speed up your pumping in the game. And perhaps for the sake of this bonus it is worth taking a deluxe.

In-Game Banner Icons – vault cells are sold for gaming gold (gold is given for completing missions, not for donat), and flags are a unique profile decoration – whether you need it or not.

Xp Boosts – a nice bonus, but it doesn’t accelerate the level as much as it might seem.

We have described every bonus that is given out in the Deluxe version of the game. What version to buy? – the choice is yours, but from myself I can only say that I did not feel the difference between the deluxe and the usual one, and I don’t see any sense in overpaying for the deluxe. If you take a PVE version for pharma B-bucks, buy a standard edition.

How to buy Fortnire Save the World

Before you buy a game, you need to know that by purchasing PVE mode on a PC, you can also play on PS4 and Xbox without buying additional copies.

On the computer

Official Store: Standard Set | Deluxe set

On Play Station 4 (PS4)

PS.Store official store: Standard Set | Deluxe set


Official Xbox Store: Standard Set | Deluxe set

Nintendo Switch and mobile devices

The “Save the World” mode is very demanding of device resources, so it is not for sale and does not work on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices (both running iOS and Android).

Now you know where to buy Fortnite PVE mode  Save the world and are ready to defend the world from zombie and shield defense.


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