How to get free Fortnite items: emote, wrap and sprays

The benefits of the 17.20 Fortnite update keep cheering the players, and this time you can get several free items. Those items are: the Take a ‘Bow emote, the Wild Rainbow wrap as well as the Vibrant Heart, Vibrant Boogie, Vibrant Llama, and Vibrant Start sprays.

To get all these free items, you need to just launch Fortnite, open the item shop, scroll down and press the Purchase button for each item. And don’t panic, if you get an error. Seems like Epic are having some server issues, so you might need to wait for a while until you’re able to redeem the items.

You can get the vibrant items until July 28, 00:00 UTC.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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