How to level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Even though Fortnite has a brand-new Chapter, you can level up the Battle Pass just like before. The challenges are slightly different, and there are a few new ways of getting XP. From now on, almost each of your actions in pretty much all the game modes gives you XP. But first things first.

How to level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Exact XP numbers for each level

Let’s start with the amounts of XP you need to get.

The exact XP numbers depend on what you want to get. If you want to get all the possible Battle Pass rewards, you need the 200th level. If you don’t need the recolored styles, you need the 140th level. And if you only need to get the regular Battle Pass items, you need the 100th level.

  • Level 100 = 7,310,000 XP
  • Level 140 = 10,310,000 XP
  • Level 200 = 14,810,000 XP

Here’s the image showing all the exact numbers:

How to level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

How to level up

There are several ways of levelling up in Chapter 3 Season 1.

Daily challenges

New 250 XP challenges appear in the game every day at 14:00 UTC. You won’t get anything from these 250 XP, but if you complete the daily bonus goal, you will get a lot more.

  • Complete 1 Daily Quest – 15,000 XP
  • Complete 2 Daily Quests – 15,000 XP
  • Complete 3 Daily Quests – 15,000 XP

If you complete all the daily challenges every day throughout the whole season, you will get 4,680,000 XP in total. This isn’t enough to get the 100th Battle Pass level.

How to level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Notice: is you missed a day of these challenges, you will still be able to get the lost XP from the XP bonus.

Weekly challenges (Season)

Besides the daily challenges, there also are the weekly challenges and the milestones. Outfit challenges also give you XP, but we don’t know anything about the future ones, so they aren’t mentioned in this article.

If you complete the weekly challenges, you will get 4,125,000 XP in total. Weekly challenges stay there for the entire season and don’t disappear, so you can complete all of them whenever you want.

How to level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

There also are the Season bonus goals, which can give you an additional 475,000 XP (for all the weeks).


Milestones in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 are basically the punch cards from the previous seasons, and they also are another way to level up the Battle Pass. Each milestone has 20 stages and each stage adds the same amount of things you need to do as the previous one (Spend bars: 2500 bars (stage 1) 5000 bars (stage 2)).

How to level up the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

For 19 milestones (+ 20 stages each) you will get 3,000,000 XP. However, only 70% of this XP are worth counting, because some stages are almost impossible to complete. This way, you will only get 2,408,000 XP.

Besides the challenges listed above, there also can be the event ones. They usually can give you around 1 000 000 XP.

So, if the only thing you do is complete challenges, you can almost get the 200 Battle Pass levels.

  • All daily challenges – 4,680,000 XP
  • All season challenges – 6,600,000 XP
  • Milestones – around 2,408,000 XP
  • Even challenges – 1,000,000 XP

The total number is 14,688,000 XP, which will give 197 levels.

Creative hub

You can still farm XP in Creative hub, but this might not work on consoles. Just launch Creative mode, load into the hub and use any infinite emote. Each 15 minutes through 1 hour and 15 minutes will give you 12,000 XP (you can only get 60,000 XP per day).

Each new in-game day starts at 14:00 UTC.

If you get all the XP in Creative Mode every day, the 100+ days of the season will be enough to get the 100th Battle Pass level (6,240,000 XP).

Creative maps

Important: using bugs while playing Creative Maps can lead to getting your account banned.

You can also get XP while playing Creative maps. I recommend choosing one of these two death run maps:

  • 500 stages map: 2096-7924-6419 (you get XP for each stage, but I recommend you to stop playing when you start getting only 200 XP for each stage).
  • 400 stages map:  6911-1062-6418 (you get XP every 5 minutes, and each stage gives you 250 XP).

You can get up to 125,000 XP by playing Creative Maps, but you can combine the maps with the AFK XP in the Creative hub.

If you play Creative mode maps every day, you can get 13,000,000 XP (174 levels). This is easier and faster than completing challenges.

Save the World

If you have the Save the World game mode, you can also get Battle Royale XP there. Here’s how much XP you get for each mission:


  • Fight the Storm (ATLAS defense) 1 (no failure): 8,400 XP
  • Fight the Storm (ATLAS defense) 1 (failure): 4,500 XP
  • Fight the Storm (ATLAS defense) 2 (no failure): 11,600 XP
  • Fight the Storm (ATLAS defense) 3 (no failure): 13,400 XP
  • Fight the Storm (ATLAS defense) 4 (no failure): 13,600 XP
  • Ride the Lightning: 11,700 XP
  • Retrieve the Data: 11,400 XP
  • Destroy the Encampments: 7,700 XP
  • Launch the Rocket (all stages in total): 15,700 XP
  • Rescue the Survivors (everyone rescued): 15,800 XP
  • Deliver the Bomb: 11,900 XP
  • Build the Radar Grid (for all the radars): 15,200 XP
  • Resupply: 6,200 XP
  • Frostnite: 82,800 XP
  • Endurance Defense: 131,200 XP

Additional missions:

  • Speed run (2 days left):1,100 XP
  • Speed run (3 days left): 1,300 XP
  • Speed run (4 days left): 1,400 XP

Best XP farm strategy

If you want to level up your Battle Pass and get as many levels as possible, I recommend you playing Fortnite every day and doing the following:

  • Play Battle Royale for around 1 hour and complete some challenges;
  • Play Creative Mode maps for around 40 minutes;
  • If you leave and can’t play the game, leave your character dance in the Creative hub.


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