How to participate in the Twitch challenges

Fortnite has already launched a promo aciton with Intel, and now they decided to also collaborate with Twitch. This time you will need to complete some easy challenges to get a Twitch emote and a Fortnite emoji. Unfortunately, the amount of players participating is already too big, so you can’t just receive your rewards. But you can become a Fan and participate in the extra task and the community goal.

How to participate in the Twitch challenges

There’s a list of creators on, one of which you can support.


Because the number of participants is too big, you can only become a Fan (if you manage to join until there’s 400000 Fans and 500000 people in total).

As a Fan, you can complete 2 community challenges. One of them requires you to login with your Twitch account and watch the creator you selected before for 10 000 000 minutes.

The other one just needs you to play Fortnite for 10 000 000 minutes.

Once the community reaches the goal, everyone who has participated will receive a Twitch emote or a Fortnite emoji (depends on the challenge that is completed).

You can also subscribe to the creator of your choice to get both a Fortnite banner and a Twitch emote.

How to get the rewards

Just as the website says, you will get the rewards automatically within 30 days.

And that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, there only are 100 000 spots for actual participants, so only 100 000 people can get V-Bucks and other cool things. But there’s still some time to become a Fan and get some cosmetics and Twitch bonuses, so hurry up if that sounds like something you would want to get. And if someone from the Participants quits the event, there’s a chance that you will take his place and become able to complete all the Twitch challenges.


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