Impossible Escape LTM – overview

Impossible Escape LTM - overview  Impossible Escape is a limited time game mode, which is available in Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite from May 18 to May 25. It has 2 versions – a PvP and a Pve one.

If you win a match in the PvP version of Impossible Escape, you will get the Escapist umbrella, and if you win a PvE match, you will get the Impossible Odds loading screen to fill your Fortnite locker.

To win a match of the Impossible Escape game mode, you need to repair a helicopter and escape the island. To repair the helicopter, you need to find 4 parts and place them on the helicopter.

This is quite a dynamic game mode, but the amount of resources in it isn’t high.

Impossible Escape mode features

The winner is the one that leaves the island.

  • No respawning
    • If you die – you die
  • Random spawn
    • You start by waking up at a random place somewhere on the island’s coast instead of dropping off the Battle Bus. The map is hidden, and you need to clear it from scratch.
  • You can team up
    • Regardless of how big your team is, you are spawned randomly and need to find each other. If you plan to play together, you need to find your teammate and dance together.
  • Lots of enemy bots
    • The helicopter parts are guarded by bots. They are not really smart, but there’s a lot of them, so they can deal a lot of damage or even kill you if you’re not ready.
  • Special resources
    • There are some special resources in this game mode – Gliders (50 uses), bouncers, launch pads, rifts and others. You are able to travel really fast using all this stuff.
  • Less loot
    • This game mode only has loot on the floor and in the bots, so the chests are not there. There also are no regular healing items – you only have meat and fish to heal.
  • Twilight
    • After the night comes, the chaos starts. All the wolves and raptors around you start attacking you more readily.

Win tips

  • Play carefully
    • There’s a lot of bots, animals and enemies on the island. This list can become even more dangerous if you stay in the dark.
  • Use vehicles
    • Even though there’s already a lot of movement items in this mode, the cars are still there. Find a car, fuel it up and drive where you need to go.
  • Remember where raptors are
    • Loot from the raptors will be used if you talk to the huntress, and she asks you to bring a raptor’s claw. In return, she will show you where the closest parts are.
  • Pay attention to the marks
    • To find the repair parts, you need to climb the Guardians’ towers and follow the dialogue marks on the map. If you come closer to such a mark, you will be able to talk to the huntress, who will offer you information about the helicopter parts if you bring her raptors’ claws.


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