Investigate mysterious claw marks – Wolverine challenges guide

You probably already know that the secret outfit of Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass is Wolverine. However, outfits like this are not really secret anymore. We already know which outfit will be the Season’s secret one from its start. To unlock the outfit you will need to complete some challenges, and the first one is “Investigate mysterious claw marks”.

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All the claw marks are located in Weeping Woods. There are 5 marks in total, and here are their locations:

  1. On southern part of the bridge;
  2. On the tower;
  3. On a rock next to the house on a hill;
  4. On a bathroom stall;
  5. On the green van.

As you can see, there’s a lot of places where you can find the claw marks, but I recommend you going first to the rock, then to the stall, and then to the green van. This way you’ll be able to find 3 claw marks just by running for less than a minute. This will complete the challenge completely because you only need to find 3 claw marks.

Investigate mysterious claw marks - Wolverine challenges guide

Once you’ve found 3 different claw marks the challenge will be completed and you will get the Wolverine graffiti called “Berserker Barrage”.


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