Mecha Team Leader

Mecha Team Leader  Mecha Team Leader is outfit, dedicated to the final showdown Cattus vs. Doggus fortnite event. Skin appeared in the 7/19 item shop and costs 1600 V-bucks. It is unique not only because Mecha Team Leader is a skin for an event, but also because it has a unique value.

The story of the Fortnite Doggus Robot

Pressure plant appeared on the Fortnite map at the beginning of season 9, and for about six weeks we did not know what it was located for. Then everything went from completely mysterious to exciting: a few weeks later we saw legs, torso, arms, and now Doggus is ready for battle!

Initially, the robot was in silver color and only after it acquired amusing details and coloring of the captain of the embrace team: a hand- fall of a dinosaur, shoes – parts of Darr Burger.

In the set to the Mecha Team Leader outfit also comes a jet set back bling. It will surely lift you above your opponent!

In addition to Mecha Team Leader skin players can buy Cattus and Doggus banners to their friends before the event. It is not yet clear whether this will affect the outcome of the event or whether these items will be later, but everything can be in Season 10.

TypeRarity Reach SetRelease
OutfitEpic1600 Mecha Team Leader  Showdown Set07.19.2019



Some assembly required.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Mecha Team Leader outfit in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):



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