Mika  Mika outfit is an excellent bright skin from the future that will not make you bored or sad. Skin has a clear focus in the Chinese style, and the gun in his hand notifies us that it is better for enemies not to approach and engage with her. Mika skin is hardly associated with the event of the robot and monster battle, so expect it in the store at any time of the season 10. If you plan to buy this skin, you will accumulate V-bucks. You can do this by using our guide, or simply buy V-bucks in the store.

Mika outfit looks very bright and will undoubtedly attract attention. She is not a robot, she is a human with a beige color. She is dressed in a red suit, white jersey with a hieroglyph, big shoes. Her hair is in bright colors – pink and blue. Perhaps she is on the side of the future!

TypeRarity Reach SetRelease
OutfitRare1200 Mika  -Unreleased


Mika skin can be bought at the Fortnite in-game store for 1200 V-bucks.


Riding into the future.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Mika outfit in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):



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