New Fortnite Respawn Van mechanics leaked

Although the content update turned out to be of little interest, it presented us with important information about the Fortnite revival system. We recently wrote that, with a high probability, the cards and these cards for resurrection will be dropped out of the team mate. And now there is a new, no less interesting information about the new mechanics.

Oh, whatever life would be interesting if datamineers didn’t spoil all future changes. Twitter account @ Lucas7yoshi, popular among datamineers, reported the following information that was found in the game files:

From this information it can be judged that the revival of teammates will not be free. Judging by the data, 100 units of wood and 75 cartridges will be needed, which the survivor must give the van and he will revive the teammates. There is also information that all dead team mates will be resurrected simultaneously, and vans will be recharged.

It is worth noting that the information is preliminary and everything can change, but the idea of paying for the revival seems interesting to us.


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