New skins in Patch v6.30!

In the game files of Fortnite data miners again found skins that did not come out and hurried to share with the public. This time, skins, pickaxes, back bling, gliders, and emotes were found in update files v6.30.

Riot - New skins in Patch v6.30!

Riot (Rare) – Defining the pre-post-punk-post-hardcore scene.

Elmira - New skins in Patch v6.30!

Elmira (Epic) – She’ll literally charm you

Castor - New skins in Patch v6.30!

Castor (Epic) – The wandering warlock of Wailing Woods

Taro - New skins in Patch v6.30!

Taro (Epic) – Protector of the wilds

Maki Master - New skins in Patch v6.30!

Maki Master (Rare) – Roll up your sleeves and get to work



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