A Tron character is hidden behind the new Fortnite portal

We’ve already had a collaboration in Fortnite with Flash recently, but Epic Games decided to give us another one – but this time with Tron. This is known because of the decrypted images from the game’s files. As you can see on the images down below, the image behind the portal is really similar to the Tron universe.

If you like cyberpunk (not the game, but the theme and setting), you will definitely like the outfit. Here’s some more images of the character and the Tron world as well as the Fortnite portal:

Besides the decrypted image, there also is music that also leads us to the same theme of Tron:

And if you don’t like leaks, here’s an official teaser – a new reality log by Jonesy, which is also a hint to the upcoming cosmetics pack:


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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