New Yellowjacket starter pack in Fortnite – leaks

Dataminers have located a new starter pack, and you could’ve already noticed it on the leaks page. And yes, we probably won’t see during the current season? Maybe it will appear in the in-game shop with the start of the next season. The price of the pack will be familiar – 5 USD.

We already know what is included in the Fortnite Yellowjacket starter pack:

  • A rare “Yellowjacket” outfit – “Venomous and victorious”
  • A rare “Backstabber” backpack – “Be careful who you trust”
  • A rare “Venom blade” pickaxe – “Careful, it stings”
  • 600 V-Bucks

If we compare the two latest starter packs, this one is definitely better. Yes, we’ve seen it somewhere already, but the skin matches the season’s theme. It looks like the Iris starter pack won’t stay in the shop for long, so be sure to get it if you want but still haven’t bought it.


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