X-23 outfit already available in Fortnite

As we all know, there’s always room for one more Marvel collaboration. Fortunately for the fans, there’s enough characters in the Marvel universes, so the developers can keep adding them for another decade or more. This time, Fortnite developers added X-23 from Marvel’s X-Men, also known as Laura Kinney, and she is already available in the item shop.

X-23 outfit already available in Fortnite

Created from the Wolverine’s DNA, Laura Kinney a.k.a. X-23 is joining the rest of the superheroes on the Fortnite island. Her bundle includes:

  • X-23 outfit: Weapon X clone and successor to the mantle of the Wolverine. Includes an alternative unmasked style.
  • Clone Pod back bling: the birthplace of the perfect weapon. Comes included with the outfit.
  • X-23’s Adamantium Claws pickaxe: skeletal extensions coated in near-indestructible metal.
  • X Insignia wrap: included in the bundle.

The entire bundle with all the accessories is sold with a discount for 1900 V-Bucks. You can also purchase the items separately: 1500 for the outfit and back bling, 800 for the pickaxe and 500 for the wrap.


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