Outfits from the Cobra Kai series are already in Fortnite

Cobra Kai is one of the series that is both quite popular and known by a little amount of people at the same time. It has some fans, and some people hear about it for the first time. Fortnite will probably increase the number of fans it has, because a collaboration between the game and Cobra Kai has already started.

Fortnite now has 10 outfits, 2 back blings (Teachings of Miyagi and Cobra Coin), 2 pickaxes (Dojo Logo and Cobra’s Curse) and an emote called The Crane Kick.

Each outfit has selectable styles, which change the clothes and the logo.

The price of each outfit is 800 V-Bucks.

The outfits can be purchased separately or in a bundle. Of course, the second option is more profitable if you like the outfits.

Here are the bundles’ prices:

Outfits from the Cobra Kai series are already in Fortnite

The emote shows some interesting ninja moves:

It’s actually quite strange to see such a collaboration right before the New Year. The players might’ve expected a Grinch outfit or something like that, but definitely not a collaboration between Fortnite and Cobra Kai.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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