Fortnite Season 10 (X) Official Story Trailer

Season 10 broke into our lives with a loud official trailer!

This time the trailer told us about how the worlds of the past and the future merged. Following the expectations of many, the sphere broke up and moved Jones to a new slice of time. We assume that “a second before.”

Immediately after the explosion, Jones was in a huge purple-pink space, very similar to the starry sky. For a long time, he was maneuvering, trying to touch some objects and was at a loss for Banana’s flirting.

Throughout the journey, the hero was met by chests, boxes of ammunition, a flying rocket from season 4, a tactical smg, already known pirates, a Kevin cube, Christmas gifts and other attributes of the New Year, Steps and old items that seemed to have sunk into non-existence. The hero also appeared skins: Skeleton, Deactivator, Banana and others, the identity of which is still unknown. Obviously, they will somehow participate in the battle pass of season 10, or they will be sold in an item shop. Towards the end, poor Jonesy got to the ground and saw the meteorite freeze in the air above the Warehouse.

And all this action was accompanied by a funny melody, hardly associated with something sinister. In the end, the music became more alarming and … And what can I say, see for yourself! (if, of course, did not see this leak today, 31.07).

Did you like the trailer? What were your guesses about the plot of the current 10 season? Share them in the comments!


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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