Player figures from Monopoly will come to Fortnite as back blings

This game, that everyone knows for their whole life, needs the players to be precise, attentive, thoughtful, expressing, needs the players to know how to manage their resources and precisely position their character. You might’ve thought that we’re talking about Fortnite, but this whole text is actually about Monopoly.

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You probably can’t find a man that haven’t played or heard of this game. Monopoly is a classic board game, and it has dozens of versions, including even a Fortnite one. You won’t see some fancy figures there, but the game is adapted to fit the Battle Royale style.

And finally, a few years late, we’ll have the classic player figures in Fortnite: a dog, a duck, a cat, a T-Rex, a penguin, a racecar, a top hat and a battleship.

The release date and format are unknown yet, so the only thing we have is the picture showing all the figures.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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