Are Mario or Gears of War coming to Fortnite? Seems like they are

Seems like all the collaborations that Fortnite has are pretty successful, because Fortnite just keeps doing more and more of them. The first collaboration between Fortnite and Marvel started this collaboration series back in Season 4, and now we have an enormous amount of collaboration items in the game. It feels like we saw Aquaman for the first time just yesterday, and now Fortnite will collaborate with Kaws, and possibly even Mario or Gears of War.

Are Mario or Gears of War coming to Fortnite? Seems like they are

If you look at all the past collaborations, you might ask a certain question – why some companies are collaborating with Fortnite all the time, while others almost don’t do it? Fortnite had a lot more collaborations with Marvel and DC than with Nintendo, for example. In fact, there are no Nintendo items at all, even though they have tons of memorable characters that can fit Fortnite much better than some of the others.

Are Mario or Gears of War coming to Fortnite? Seems like they are

A couple of days ago, data miners found a new Q&A text with some clues pointing at a collab with Mario and Gears of War.

As you can see, there are questions not only about Fortnite, but also about other Universes, such as Street Fighter, Mario, Gears of War and Marvel. The questions are almost not related to Fortnite at all, and most mentioned franchises are already presented in Fortnite. The only games that are not in Fortnite yet are Mario and Gears of War.

The only thing that hints at it is the Q&A text, but it’s always like this with Fortnite. A recent teaser had a spider on it, and now a collaboration between Fortnite and Spider-Man is almost confirmed. That’s just how it is. And while there are no characters from Gears of War and Mario in Fortnite, you can guess which ones will come to Fortnite in case of a collaboration.


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