Pop Party Balloon Decoration Locations – 14 Days Of Summer

Where without balloons and even at a party of the 14 days of summer? Of course, nowhere. Here are the developers and distributed them throughout the map, including places completely inappropriate to the holiday atmosphere. At the dump, for example.

There are really a lot of balloons on the map, they are located mainly on the beaches near the lounge chairs. To burst the required 5, you do not even need to try very hard. They are almost everywhere in the heap and diligently nailed to the seat mats or to the street toilets.

Fortnite party balloon decoration locations:

Pop Party Balloon Decoration Locations - 14 Days Of Summer

You can pop them with a  pickaxe or with a weapon if you don’t visit them in your plans. Previously, it worked with a bang, and given the recent bugs with the clock, everything could change dramatically. Therefore, follow the news and comments under this entry.

You can also see the CraftD Royale video about challenge “Pop Party Balloon Decoration”:


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