Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows

Search chests inside containers with windows is another mission in Fortnite spray & pray challenge series. All you need to find and search 5 chests, and frankly, this is a very complicated matter, because there are very few such containers on the map.

Containers with windows – the name is very arbitrary, because the windows on the containers are drawn, not real! Moreover, this graffiti appears and disappears at a certain distance. Therefore, if from far away the window on the container is not visible – do not be discouraged, fly closer and it will appear.

In general, containers with chests are currently indecently small. I can’t even imagine how many attempts to make to complete this challenge right away. We advise you to be patient and fulfill when the hype has subsided. Even at the end of the day there will be significantly fewer chest hunters.

с окнами 800x800 - Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows

The first two containers with windows are located on the territory of the lava on almost the same island. One container is white and slightly closer to the lava, while the second is also white and located in a small area.

The third and fourth containers with windows are located north of Dusty Depot. One is in the mountain of containers, and the second is indoors.

The following can be found in a landfill near Paradise Palms.

пустынная свалка 800x450 - Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows

The last container with window is in the snow near the club.

d cytuf 800x450 - Search Chests Inside Containers With Windows

Our site has so far found only 6 containers with chests. We will be happy for tips or additional notation.


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