Where to Place warning signs | Fortnite Season 17 Week 14 Legendary Challenge

Place warning signs is a Fortnite Season 17 Week 14 Legendary Challenge. Let’s go to warn!

According to Dr. Slone’s information, the saucer can overtake three popular locations – Pleasant Park, Dirty Docks, and Misty Meadows. Why exactly these three locations come under attack, I think it’s clear, Dr. Slone understands, so let’s pretend that we understand ufology, geometry, astronomy and, in general, that we are smart up and down.

To place warning signs, fly to any of the mentioned locations and look for transparent signs that await your installation. It is best to fly to Dirty Docks, because this location is visited only when a bus flies by nearby. Plus, this location has all 4 signs.

After you find and place 4 warning signs, the inhabitants of these cities will migrate. Where they go is another story. More importantly, the challenge is over.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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