Search Ice Boxes – Fortnite Winterfest challenge

Search Ice Boxes – is the new mission of the Fortnite Winterfest challenges. You need to look at our Ice Boxes map, fly to the selected point and search the desired item to complete them and get a reward of fine Polar Renegade spray. Everything is as simple as possible, so our map will come in handy for eggheads, and advice for beginners.

Fortnite Ice Boxes are jewelry that can be found and searched in various areas. They usually contain two or three items, a snowman and a small fish, for example. The amount of the items obtained may also vary.

Search Ice Boxes – Fortnite Winterfest challenge

The number of Ice Boxes on the map is low, the only point that is distinguished by their abundance is the barn in the Crappy Docks. Like frosty prey, there are also many freezers.

Fortnite Ice Boxes map:

Search Ice Boxes – Fortnite Winterfest challenge

Just keep in mind that Ice Boxes become useless after completing “search Ice Boxes” mission, since they can no longer be used. Also, do not forget that the map is full of players destroying such items. Therefore, if you have landed to the desired point, but didn’t find an Ice Box there – don’t be surprised, this is us who are reaping the benefits of our bad attitude towards other players.

But in general, be kind and do not provoke the community to a bad attitude towards each other! After all, all of us are still sweethearts in our hearts!

To complete the challenge, you need to search the Ice Boxes twice. Well, as a reward for completing the “Search Ice Boxes” Winterfest challenge we will get the Polar Renegade spray. Not sure about you, but I am for the bears!

Search Ice Boxes – Fortnite Winterfest challenge


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