Strategies for Stealthy Players in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite has a huge number of strategies and each of them can bring the desired result – a royal victory. But among all the strategies there is a particularly vile one that can ruffle even a seasoned player. This strategy is called “Turtle” – this is the most passive style of play, slow and cumbersome. In case of any danger, the player builds a wall around himself and sits there until the enemy’s ammo runs out or until someone else attacks the enemy.

Such a strategy can be as unpleasant as possible for aggressive players who simply want to shoot before victory. After all, passive players completely break the opponent’s style of play.

The user Reddit under the nickname “Bumpaah” made a video in which he shares the basic principles of the fight against passive players.

How to pressure someone turtling and some general tips for taking walls from r/FortniteCompetitive

Watch the video to understand all the details. And we’ll just go over the main points.

  • Bumpaah offers to focus not on one wall, but on 2 or even 3. And preferably, you need to break 2 walls at the same time. If you succeed, the enemy may not have time to build your wall and you will block this place with your wall before it.
  • Do not panic and do not let emotions get the better of common sense. You are in a better situation than the enemy. Just concentrate and finish off the weakened enemy.
  • The best weapon in the siege of buildings is a pickaxe or smg.
  • If the enemy builds up after you replace the wall, try to block it immediately.

Practice these tips from the video and enemy turtles will not be a problem for you. Or stock up with a huge amount of ammo and deplete the enemy. Good luck!


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