SypherPK bundle: Manic, Royale Dragon and Close Shave

The 14.40 update gave us some info about the author of the next Fortnite bundle – it will be made by SypherPK. The bundle contains the Manic outfit, the Royale Dragon glider, the Burning Bright wrap and one of the rarest pickaxes out there – the Close Shave, which appeared in the item shop back in 2018 last time.

You’ve probably already seen some content creators’ outfits in the item shop – a set that contains an outfit, and some minor cosmetics. The benefit of such a bundle is that you can look like your favorite streamer without spending a huge amount of time collecting the items from the item shop. The SypherPK bundle is one of those bundles.

SypherPK bundle: Manic, Royale Dragon and Close Shave

This bundle is worth buying because of several reasons – it has a rare outfit, and an even more rare pickaxe, that might not even appear in the shop again. And, of course, the SypherPK bundle is worth purchasing if you’re a fan of this Fortnite content creator.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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