The concept of a new Fortnite vehicle

The game needs more transport, one boat is obviously not enough for us. This new concept would fit perfectly into the game.

Chapter 2 brought us back to the basics. The variety of loot cannot please us, the equipment of the enemy is more or less predictable, and it all comes down to the ability to own it. Many liked this very much, but after three long months they were already tired.

We lost significant mobility with Chapter 2. Trampolines, impulse grenades and all other items for movement are now inside the store. Vehicles from Chapter 1 set off after them. All we got is a boat that barely rides on land. Even the ability to shoot does not make it more useful.

Many players believe that adding another transport is the best solution for low mobility. Golf carts are one of the best options, but what about something new? Reddit user JjGuyy0 took care of this.

I had a really weird vehicle idea from r/FortNiteBR

Rocket Ride fits perfectly into the cartoon style of Fortnite. It’s also interesting to see single-seat transport, which can become multi-seat. The only thing that can be fixed is to leave the transport only ground. Players will always find a way to use flying vehicles for their own purposes and harm others. So there is enough ground transport.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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