The Fortnite meteor will begin to move!

The Fortnite meteor, it turns out, is designed not only to soar in the air and smoke, but also to become part of the plot of the current season!

We all look forward to the development of the plot in season 10, because the second week is already in full swing! If you are still not familiar with such significant events in the game as Tilted or the construction of a portal in Dusty Depot, then it’s time to familiarize yourself. After all, today we will plunge into no less interesting details of the upcoming map changes.

The expected event was confirmed by @HYPEX dataminer with its findings. He, with the help of his skills honed over the years, was able to detect the future change of the island in the game files. On the merged mini-map of Fortnite update v10.1, you can see that the meteor began to move directly to Dusty Depot. Also, a strange force field began to appear around him.

Perhaps the meteor somehow distorts the space.

The Fortnite meteor will begin to move!

Fortnite meteor now

The Fortnite meteor will begin to move!

Fortnite meteor after v10.1 update

Since the information is preliminary, it is outrageously brief. As something more detailed appears, we will publish a new entry!


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