The Grotto

The Grotto is a location added to the Fortnite map along with the Season 2 Chapter 2 update. The Grotto location is located at coordinates H5, south of the Dirty docks and northeast of the Retail Row.

Fortnite The grotto location is the strangest place that appeared in season 2. This strangeness lies in the location of the location – when you first arrive at it, it will look as if there is nothing here but a giant hole. If you jump down, you will find an underground spy base.

On one side of the Grotto location there is a tiny shore with prey. On the other hand, on the water, there is a den with several buildings. The iron “bunker” is surrounded by water, with which you can quickly hide from the enemy or swim to the side of the shore.

The beginning of the game in the Grotto is difficult because around a lot of enemies and they all start shooting at you right away, you may not even have time to go down when you are hit. Inside the villainous base you can find the boss – Brutus with a minigun.

The Grotto chest spawns

In Fortnite the Grotto location, as in other spyware, there is plenty of loot. If you do not have enough chests, you can always open the store. In the grotto, it is guarded by two turrets. Also, it is full of metal resources.

The Grotto


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