Dirty docks

dirty 300x300 - Dirty docksDirty docks is a new location on the Fortnite battle royale map, which appeared after the Season 1 Chapter 2 update. The area can be found in cell H4; west of Fatal Farm and significantly north of Steamy stacks.

Dirty docks, in my opinion, does not look like any of the locations of the old Fortnite map (the only similarity in one of the old areas is the container zone). It is unique in its location, because earlier there was a house of superheroes, and its appearance.

The Fortnite Dirty docks location consists of numerous containers, cranes, trucks and industrial barns. Once in this location, you can only envy the brightness of Holly hedges or Sweaty Sands. Here you will find all the severity of the working atmosphere, get ready!

Loot at the Dirty docks location is not so much. To find it, explore the warehouses and be ready for guests. In my opinion, many people liked this area!



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