There won’t be a live event for Cosmic Summer!

There won’t be a live Fortnite event dedicated to the start of Cosmic Summer today. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone got the developers’ message wrong.

What can feel worse than unjustified expectations? Probably nothing. And this happened to the Cosmic Summer Celebration event, which was planned on today at 9 AM ET. However, it turned out that the post with the time made by Epic Games is just a trick to get us into the game to complete new challenges. According to an Epic employee, there won’t be a live event.

The teaser that we’re talking about has mentioned the date and time. Obviously, this sounds like the date and time for an event, so it’s really easy to confuse the teaser with an event announcement.

It’s quite strange that there’s just one man that monitors the reactions of the community on Reddit. It will be much harder for people that don’t use Reddit to know that there won’t be a live event. You might be outraged right now, and that’s understandable. Imagine how some people cancelled some of their tasks just to watch an event, which just won’t be there.

Seems like the developers themselves are now using clickbait. Fortnite won’t have a live event for Cosmic Summer Celebration, but at least we’ll have a challenge pack with free rewards.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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