Emote from TikTok by basketball player Jared McCain is coming to Fortnite

The community of Fortnite can be split into 2 groups – the one that loves the TikTok dances and the one that is just tired of their amount. In any case, Fortnite keeps collaborating with all sorts of TikTok dancers, including a popular basketball player, Jared McCain.

If you like Fortnite collaborating with different people, games, movies and even anime, you can read about the collaboration with Naruto here.

This time the one to get their own emote is a popular basketball player and TikTok user Jared McCain. There’s a video on the internet of him dancing in a motion capture costume:

The dance itself look quite strange, just like the rest of the TikTok dances, but I’m sure the fans of Jared McCain, TikTok or rap will like the emote.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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