Use Presents! – Fortnite Winterfest challenge

Use Presents! – this is the next mission of the Fortnite Winterfest challenges. To go through it, you have to search the chests and skillfully use the throw!

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Fortnite presents are items dropped from chests and supply drops. There aren’t always presents inside, so be prepared for useless items that will weigh your soul and inventory for the remaining time of the game. Also, do not repeat my mistakes and do not think about choosing a slot for a gift, otherwise they will kill him right in front of him – this is a mortal insult!

As already mentioned, there can be no Fortnite presents map – they drop out of chests and supply drops. To use them, first find, then left-click on yourself or to the side and enter it. if necessary – take away gifts, if not – no difference, because part of Fortnite Winterfest challenge “Use Presents!” is completed.

Use presents in 2 different matches and the burden of testing will fall from you!

As a reward you will receive a “Snowy” pickaxe:

Use Presents! – Fortnite Winterfest challenge


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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