Weeping woods

Weeping woods  Weeping woods is a new location that came with Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 2 update. This area can be found in coordinates C5, 6 – D5. 6; in the north-east of the Slurpy Swamp and in the south of the new Salty Springs.

The Weeping woods location is very similar to the harmonious synthesis of Lonely Lodge and Wailing Woods from another Fortnite island. It seems that the observation deck, houses and trees have some similarities with the mentioned areas!

On Weeping woods you can find a playground, a ranger tower, a lot of resources (extracted, of course, personally with a pickaxe), parking lots and a halt for vacationers. In the center of the region there is a small restaurant, according to my guesses, home cooking. A river also flows, which will help you either hide or take you by surprise with its course.

Since the fortnite Weeping woods location is a grove, it will not be possible to find many chests in it. Loot is primarily located in buildings, not behind bushes and trees. If you plan to land in this area, think about the landing site three times!


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