When will the 19.10 Fortnite update be released?

It’s been almost a half of the season, and the game has barely had any updates, besides the Winterfest one. Fortnite developers decided to fix this by releasing the 19.10 update in a week, on January 18, Tuesday. Surprisingly, the game didn’t need any big updates with critical bug fixes for all that time, which is quite rare for Fortnite.

There are no “official” leaks yet, but there’s a chance that the melting snow will reveal Tilted Towers with the release of the 19.10 Fortnite update. The snow surrounding the pink dinosaurs we’ve already seen for around three times should also thaw. They might become mountable, but that depends on the developers’ will.

There will also be a content update (a quick update that doesn’t require to download anything) tomorrow, on January 11. Tornados and thunderstorms will come to the game, and the flare gun will come back to the weapon pool. We know this from dataminers, who found the next challenges, which will start on Thursday.


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