Where to find mythic weapons on Chapter 3 Season 3 map (Reality Sapling)

A strange paradox occurs in Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite – there are mythic weapons in the game, but there are no bosses who can give you them (at least at the beginning of the season). Maybe we need some kind of Weapon-o-matic or exact location of a chest? Nope, the answer is wrong, we need the Reality Tree.

You can find and get mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 only via a Reality Seed of the Reality Tree. And this way you can spend more than one match, if you will care for your own tree or you may just stumble into another player’s tree with the rarity you need.

How does it work

The biggest tree on the map has a bulging base and you can find Reality Seed Pods on it. To get seeds, you need to destroy a peculiar flower and then you can place your tree on the land. You can have only one tree on the map, so if you have already planted a tree, don’t do it again or your progress will be reset.

But if until this moment you didn’t care for your tree, it’s better to plant another seed. In the first try, I did a stupid thing by planting the tree in the popular location because I didn’t know how it works. Therefore, I give you a little advice, plant the seed on the edge of the map.

Your tree displays on the map, but not in every match. Most likely, it happens because of bugs.

How to get mythic weapon from Reality Sapling

So, you planted the seed. A sapling immediately appeared in this place. To get the mythic weapon, you have to watch the weeds.

Where to find mythic weapons on Chapter 3 Season 3 map (Reality Sapling)

By pressing the map button, you’ll see more information about your sapling and next weeding. When it’s time, go pick the weeds to upgrade the rarity of fruits. To pick a weed, you have to press the corresponding button near the tree.

After every episode of the care, the tree’s fruits will change the rarity. At first, they’re green, then blue, violet, golden and mythic. And this way you can spend two days for the entire cycle because weeds appear by schedule. So you have to check the in-game timer.

Where to find mythic weapons on Chapter 3 Season 3 map (Reality Sapling)

If you did everything right, you’ll get the mythic fruits, which you can pick and get one of the mythic weapons. The way you get mythic weapons makes them the most valuable ones. Most likely, bosses will still appear in the future.


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