All characters and bosses in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite is probably the most pacifist season in a while – there are no bosses among 25 characters, at least at the beginning of the season. But don’t worry: characters still exist, which means that they are still important and have a purpose! Here, you can find the location of every character and every exotic weapon. Just as in the past seasons, it can only be bought from characters.

The article will update with new Season 3 updates.

All characters in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

There are 25 characters and no bosses in the collection book in Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite, and it’s a pleasure to find them all. Only a few of them are hiding, but you can get along even with them. Once you talk to all the characters, you will get an achievement. It won’t give you any XP though.

Throughout the seasons, the characters have been offering a few different services and items for you to purchase: weapons, healing items, consumables, Bus Driver tips, rifts, duels, themselves for hire etc. All of that can be purchased for gold, which can be found on the map or earned by completing bounties.

All exotic weapons in Chapter 3 Season 3

There are several exotic guns in the game. Among them are the Boom sniper rifle, the Shadow Tracker pistol, the Chug Cannon, The Dub and the Marksman Six-Shooter.

The price of all the exotic guns is 600 gold bars.

Lil Whip (1)

As an ice cream cone should, Lil Whip is located in a dedicated ice cream location in Chapter 3 – Creamy Crossroads.

He offers fish, shield replenishment and disguise.

Rustler (2)

Rustler is located next to Shifty Shafts. I don’t know what a cowgirl can do in such a place, but you can still find her there.

She sells healing items, Harpoon Gun and vegetables.

Paradigm (3)

Our good well-known Paradigm, also known as Singularity, can also be found on the Chapter 3 Season 3 map. Of course, she’s located at one of The Seven’s outposts in the northern part of the map.

She sells weapons, the Repair Torch and grenades.

The Scientist (4)

The biggest of The Seven is located at the Synapse Station.

The Scientist is definitely a useful character. He sells information about the next safe zone, can activate a rift and sell vegetables.

The Origin (5)

The Origin is located at the most north-east Seven outpost. It’s not a surprise, as he’s a respected member of this group.

He sells harpoon guns, weapons and healing items.

The Visitor (6)

The Visitor has visited one of the eastern islands, the one north-east from the Foundation’s statue.

He sells a rift activation, information about the next safe zone and the exotic Boom sniper rifle.

Sunbird (7)

This sunny girl is located at The Temple. This landmark is located next to the volcano.

She sells weapons, grenades and the exotic Shadow Tracker pistol.

Guaco (8)

The recently changed Greasy Grove location is the habitat of our good old mate – Guaco.

He sells meat, healing items and weapons.

Mancake (9)

Mancake is the only character that can fight you.

He can duel you, and you can get a gun if you win. Or not, if you lose.

Bao Bros (10)

These tasty brothers (only one, actually) are located at Condo Canyon.

This character sells fish, vegetables and fireflies.

The Imagined

The Imagined is located at the western The Seven outpost.

She sells healing items, weapons and offers to leave a tip for the Bus Driver.

Cuddle Team Leader (12)

This character didn’t change her number, but changed her location. She can be found at the Rave Cave.

She sells fireflies, and the exotic Marksman Six Shooter, and offers a disguise.

Stash’d (13)

The secretive guy is on Chonker’s Speedway and offers a lot of modifications for vehicles.

He sells Chonker Tires, a Cow Catcher, and offers to hire himself.

Haven (14)

The only one character at the lake is Haven. Why did she choose this place? I don’t know, maybe she likes the Zero Point.

She sells Rift-To-Go, Klomberry, and offers to hire herself.

Jonesy The First (15)

The section with characters who have a chance of spawn is starting now. They don’t always stand on the marked locations, so you can spend some mathes to find ‘em.

Jonesy The First sells heal items, exotic The Dub weapon and offers to hire himself.

Ludwig (16)

Another character, who appears on the map randomly.

He sells Meat, exotic The Dub shotgun and offers to hire himself.

Bunker Jonesy (17)

The eternal wanderer is located near the vehicle at The Joneses.

He sells Fishing Rod, Tent and offers to hire himself.

Mullet Marauder (18)

The stronger guy is located in the strongest building of The Joneses. This guy is Mullet Marauder.

He sells heal items, exotic The Dub shotgun and offers to hire himself.

Metal Team Leader (19)

Another three characters who spawn in the same place. They literally appear in one house.

Metal Team Leader sells weapons, grenades and offers to hire itself.

Cuddlepool (20)

You may lose your nerve when you will look for her. You must have patience because she’s located in the same house.

Cuddlepool sells weapons, grenades and offers to hire herself.

Quackling (21)

Quackling may be in the same house.

When you will find her she offers you weapons, grenades or hire herself.

Kyle (22)

Kyle loves trees and therefore he’s located in Logjam Lumberyard.

He sells Chug Cannon, vegetables and Tent.

Cryptic (23)

This NPC stands inside Rave Cave, so get ready to descend.

He sells weapons, The Repair Torch and heal items.

Fishstick (24)

The penultimate character is in Sleepy Sound.

Fishstick stands in restaurants where fist sticks are for sale and… I have so many questions… It sells fish, Fishing Rod and offers to hire itself.

The Foundation (25)

The last one is The Foundation.

He sells vehicle modifications and weapons.


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