All the leaked bundles from Fortnite 14.30

There’s quite a lot of different bundles leaked from the recent 14.30 Fortnite update, and some of them are already in the game. Some of them are related to Marvel, and some are Halloween-themed. We’ll start with the first one.

Here’s how the Daredevil outfit looks:

Fortnite Daredevil Bundle 800x450 - All the leaked bundles from Fortnite 14.30

You were able to get it during the recent Tournament. The bundle also includes a back bling, a pickaxe, and a glider.

If you didn’t get it in the tournament, you will probably still have an opportunity to buy it. According to the leaks, Daredevil bundle will be available for purchase on October 17th.

The next bundle includes 3 female Halloween outfits. All of the outfits below are actually reskins of already existing outfits. Brite Bomber got another dark version, and Dusk and Arachne are now wearing new modern clothes.

Haloween reskin bundle 800x400 - All the leaked bundles from Fortnite 14.30

According to @iFireMonkey’s post, this bundle will also be sold for V-Bucks.

And here’s the Ultimate Reckoning Pack for those who like outfits with masks.

Ultimate Reckoning Pack 798x800 - All the leaked bundles from Fortnite 14.30

And if you feel like you’ve already seen those outfits before, you are right: this whole pack is a reskin of the Final Reckoning pack. Both of the bundles are currently in the in-game shop, however, tho old one is sold for real money and not V-bucks. This one can be bought for 2000 V-Bucks.

And there will also be a new bundle for Nintendo Switch. The pack will include an outfit, a pickaxe and a glider, all of which you can see below.

According to some early information, the bundle will be available for those who buy the special Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition 800x385 - All the leaked bundles from Fortnite 14.30


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