Fortnite 19.01 leaks – all the skins and other cosmetic items

The first Fortnite update in Chapter 3 Season 1 – 19.01 – is finally here, and even though its number isn’t as big as bigger updates’ one, it has quite a lot of new cosmetic items for us to buy and to get for free.

Let’s start with something that is likely the new Legends pack. It will include a new version of Midas, Renegade Raider and Crystal. A lot of people like these outfits, but the new version is different from the originals, so they may become less popular.

The next 2 outfits will be sold for V-Bucks in the item shop. Azuki cat will likely be less popular than another anime girl, but we’ll see.

Jonesy and Isabelle will get new clothes to raise everyone’s holiday spirit up.

The Rock, who plays The Foundation in Fortnite, got a few new screen versions. This isn’t the most important feature when you only see your outfit from behind, but it’s nice to be able to customize something.

Spider-Man, Shanta, Lt. John Llama, Ronin and Harlowe got 3 new styles, which can be received if you level up to level 200. Here are the Spider-Man styles for a demonstration:

A lot of new bundles also got added:

And here you can see all the new items and styles that were added in the 19.01 Fortnite update, as well as the upcoming items. Marshmello’s pickaxe (that was available for completing free challenges) might also come to the item shop.


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