Another Isabelle version will be free for PC Fortnite players

A while ago, the developers gave out the Ruby Shadows outfit. This giveaway was only available for PC player, because you needed to get the outfit from the Epic Games store. And it seems like Fortnite will have another similar event, but this time the player will be able to get a winter version of Isabelle – Blizzabelle.

Yes, we will get the Winter Izabelle during Winterfest 2021, and Blizzabelle will be able in the Epic Games store. And given that you will need to use the store, we can tell that only PC players will be able to get this outfit. However, even though Blizzabelle should be exclusive to PC Fortnite players, there might be some ways to bypass the restriction and get the outfit. But for now, we don’t know anything about them.

We also don’t have the release date for the event, but all the dataminers say that the outfit should be free.


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