Ant-Man skin will appear from the new portal

It seemed that the most frustrating leak was Family Guy texture or even FNAF, but just a while ago data miner “VastBlast” discovered a new and likely the last portal in the game files.

You can see that the forest is clearly visible and there is a fuss of small insect legs. Putting that together, we have a hint of something nasty, ants… Marvel. Yeah, the next character to arrive at the Fortnite island is Ant-Man. Epic Games really do not have enough superheroes in Fortnite, which is incredibly sad, because superheroes should not walk around with assault rifles and collect bullets.

Ant-Man skin will appear from the new portal

We have already seen the Flash skin, and we know for how long it has been in the item shop. Therefore, you should not expect anything else from Ant-Man when he comes to Fortnite. This is another skin that only true Marvel fans will like.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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