Armored Wall in Fortnite – how to find and use

One of the most unpleasant differences between Chapters 2 and 1 might be not the map, but the lack of traps. A lot of players don’t event remember how it feels to build a box with spikes around your enemy… or get spiked yourself. Box fights were quite a dangerous thing back then. However, after almost a whole Fortnite Chapter, we finally got a new “trap” – the Armored Wall.

Armored Wall in Fortnite - how to find and use

It can’t really be called a trap, but it can still find some usages among pretty much all the play styles – the Armored Wall is a thick piece of metal that is used to reinforce your buildings.

You can put it on any building type besides the cone – on a wall, a floor or even an angled staircase. The durability of such a building will be equal to 2500, the durability of the base building doesn’t matter. You can find this trap in supply drops, in chests or on the ground.

And if you think that this thing is impossible to defeat, you’re wrong. Reddit Fortnite players came up with a strategy that will pretty much grill any player that wants to hide inside an Armored Wall shell.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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