How to defeat an Armored Wall in Fortnite?

The release of the Armored Wall has split the Fortnite community into 2 parts – the first one loves it, and the second one hates it. At first glance, it might look imbalanced – just build a box and win, but we have a way to defeat such players.

First, you need to buy a Dragon Breath gun or find a gas canister. Then, you scare the enemy as hard as you can, so they build an armored box around them. Now, the final part comes – just put the canister next to the box and blow it up. This is how to turn an enemy into a great Christmas meal.

I will also add that there’s a small chance that the box will be built on a hill, which means that it might not have a wall or a floor. This hole will be perfect to throw some grenades in. You should also be aware of such strategy if you’re the one who likes to build such boxes – other Fortnite players can avoid your Armored Wall box and use some fire or grenades to defeat you.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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