Arsenic Fortnite LTM leaks

Do you miss old Fortnite limited time events? Doesn’t seem like Epic Games are going to bring them back soon, but they don’t seem to mind creating new ones. We’ve killed enough monsters in Battle Royale, but what if those monsters were controlled by real players?

iFireMonkey dataminer found signs of a new Arsenic Fortnite LTM. All the locations are marked as hotspots (still remember those?). Monsters-players will be able to find enemies nearby. The game’s principle is pretty simple: monsters should kill players, so they go over to their side. At the end of the game, there will be some normal players left, or all of them will become monsters.

Arsenic Fortnite LTM leaks look really strange at the moment. Maybe this game mode is still in the stage of development and it will change after it’s released.


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