Best Creative Mode 2.0 (UEFN) maps in Fortnite

The last week had a great day for all the Fortnite players, because the developers have finally announced Creative Mode 2.0. There already are some official and community-made maps, and all of them are shockingly good. If you have a good PC, the official maps by Epic look like real AAA-games, so let’s finally get to the maps themselves!

How to play Creative Mode 2.0 maps

But how do you actually play Creative Mode 2.0? You don’t need to do anything special, just launch Fortnite and choose the map you like in the game mode selection menu. It doesn’t have any sorting system for maps yet, but there’s the New Experience section, which has some maps from Creative Mode 2.0

Forest Guardian


Three maps made by the developers are already featured in the “By Epic” section. Here we can find Forest Guardian, The Space Inside and Deserted: Domination. The first map is an adventure set in a magical forest. An arch, lots of leaves, sunlight shining through them, strange fireflies, and… a dragon? Yes, some kind of a mysterious creature comes from a cavity and travels somewhere else. There also are a couple of hogs that are quite dangerous for an incautious player. The map is extremely beautiful, it’s a great choice if you’re a fan of adventures.

The Space Inside


The second map is somewhat similar to Resident Evil, where you need to solve puzzles and move further. The map has levers, a flashlight and a revolver among its features. The mood of the first two locations will be familiar if you’ve played RE. A bunch of books, a fireplace, some boxes and a lot of space to explore. The further, the better: there’s a white corridor, some pipe fixing, and, of course, a trap that wants to destroy the player. Describing every single part of the map can make playing it unnecessary, so let’s stop here.

Deserted: Domination


The third map is a combat-based one, something like CoD by Fortnite developers. 16 players can fight in an abandoned factory using pre-selected weapons. The graphics are quite unique for Fortnite, so it almost feels like a different game.

Chapter 1 maps

  • 2179-7822-3395v5
  • 4464-0648-9492v13

Both new and old players dream about playing the Chapter 1 map again. Old textures, classic weapons and the lack of movement tools – what can be better? But don’t stay dreaming for too long, since there already are 2 custom Chapter 1 maps.

Both maps mimic the look of the map from Chapter 1 Season 3, so there’s little to no difference between them. The first map is limited to 100 players, while the second one can only handle 80. And yes, these maps are quite popular, so it’s possible to have that amount of players in a match.

Pirate Adventure


This is a map about real pirate adventures. Here you can hunt for gold, craft resources and see beautiful places. The game starts with you waking up on an island that you’ll explore. And, of course, adventures, purchases, sales and more come next.



How about a horror map? Of course, this isn’t Outlast, but it can be just as scary. You are being hunted by a huge doll, and as a puny player, the only thing you can do is run. The map has everything we love – levers, searching for something and jumpscares. A lot of those! Get ready for a terrifying and laggy experience.


  • 2113-9325-5109v15
  • 8007-4578-5635v3

This is a map that recreates the town from the anime Attack on Titan. Are you surprised that Fortnite has one? I’m certainly not, and the best part is that you can even get XP by playing the first map above. Of course, you can’t enter all the buildings and the Titan looks more like a plastic doll, but it’s cool that it’s made in anime-like style and has a hook for quicker movement. Imagine how different these maps will become when Eren Jaeger’s mythic hook gets released! At the start of the game, you need to choose a class that determines the weapon pool, and then use it to eliminate enemies. Definitely not a map for solo players.

There’s also another Attack on Titan map (the second one) in addition to the previous one. You can also choose weapons here, but it doesn’t have a Titan and XP gain. It’s up to you if it is a feature or a flaw, but this map can be more fun, since you can actually choose the weapons you will fight with. Even if you’re a bad fighter…

Boss Mythic Parkour Secret Vault Reward


Missed parkour maps? People barely create any in the new editor, but there’s one that combined stick walking and bosses. It can be really frustrating, since it’s not really a regular deathrun, but more of a mix of everything that the creator likes. After each mix section, there will be a boss and a safe waiting for you. This map can be good for time killing, but I’d personally play a horror map instead.



Another shooter map, but with a flashy introduction. Who would have thought that a Fortnite player can join space marines and use a space pod to land on some forsaken planet? That is Earth, of course. Even if you aren’t a fan of shooters, this map can be impressive with its intro.

Pyramid Platformer


We’ve had adventures, shooters, so what is missing from this collection? Platformers, of course! Yes, even this type of maps can be created in the new editor. One of the maps is set in Ancient Egypt, and has a few levels to test your agility and vision. The player can be barely visible in some parts of the map.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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