Tfue vs controllers in Fortnite

Fortnite pro players complain about gamepads again! This time, the poor controllers got it from Tfue. He claims that most players in the future will only play with low ping and use only the controller.

On a recent stream, Tfue went far in his remarks, saying that low ping players and gamepad players make the game “unplayable.” He decided that the majority would switch to controllers, and players with a mouse would have to leave the game.

Tfue died after trying to replace the opponent’s wall. Many high ping players find it hard to conquer the wall. This suggests that ping still solves something in the game.

“As more time goes on, more and more people stop playing this game who are on high ping,” the streamer explained to his viewers. “I go into a lobby and, like, 90% of the players already have an advantage over me and it’s f***ing really stupid.”

Then Tfue opened the paint and clearly showed his point of view. He drew a map of the USA, green marked the players with the mouse, and a huge red circle – the players with low ping. Fortnite ping is a more serious problem than in other games. It’s one thing when a sniper shot flies in, it’s completely different when one on one, and the enemy squeezes your wall only because it has lower ping.

By the way, how to see your Fortnite ping in the 2nd chapter is written HERE.

Players are scattered all over the world, and this means that there are many more players with high ping. Remember the time when ping was less than 20? Now you can only dream of him.

At the same time, most of the community opposes a forced cross-platform. Consoles are now much cheaper than a good PC, so they are preferable for young people.


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