Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle  Daily Bugle is a Fortnite Chapter 3 location that came here straight from the Spider-Man universe with the 19.00 update.

The editorial office is located in the north-east part of the map, next to Sanctuary and Creamy Crossroads.

It’s hard to miss this location – it’s placed right in the middle of a volcano, or more like in the middle of its remains. The location only has 3 buildings of different sizes.

The biggest one has the Daily Bugle sign, which, of course, is related to Spider-Man. The first floor has a printing press that produces the newspapers. The floors above are just regular offices, and the 6th floor is the dining room – there’s a huge choice of fast food that you can choose there. The next one has an office with a darts board in the style of Spider-Man, and the floors above are just technical ones.

The lower building has a McGuffins library. You won’t really find anything besides books here, because the rest of the building contains only apartments.

The smallest building is a coffee shop. Unfortunately, you can’t have some in Fortnite, but you can always take down the whole building for resources and loot.


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